About Me

Hey! I'm Cire. Coding has changed my world. It's not just about apps. Learning to code gave me problem-solving skills and a way to communicate with others on a technical level. I can also develop websites and use my coding skills to get a better job. And I learned it all at SoloLearn where they build your self-esteem and keep you motivated. Join me in this rewarding journey.

Some Interesting Facts

A few things about me is I'm!4 years old and a High honors student at Wilson high school. I like playing video games adn playing baseball. I play baseball everday during school and after school. I play video games everday when I'm done with everything that I have to do, I play sports games and I am good at them. I'm in the Wilson tech pathway and have a B+ in my computers class.

"Declare variables, not war"

Personal Facts

I was born on August 10, 2004. I grew up in Long Beach California. I plan o being a proffesioanl baseball player when I grow up. But if I decide to not become a Baseball player I would like to become a sports illistarator. My favorite food is pizza and pasta